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Group Positive Parenting Program (Session 10 of 12) • [2 - 10 yrs] • 6-8pm

11/07/2017 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM PT


Our Family Coalition
1385 Mission St., Ste. #340
San Francisco, CA 94103

The Group Positive Parenting Program is designed to promote positive parenting practices in the community, prevent a range of social and behavioral problems in children, and aims to support parents to promote their child's social, emotional, and behavioral development. For parents and caregivers with children 2-10 years old.

To watch a video about the benefits of the Positive Parenting Program, click here.

As always, dinner and child care provided free upon advance registration. If within 48 hours, please call 415-981-1960 to ensure receipt of your childcare request. Free parking after 5pm in the gated OFC lot at 10th & Mission.

Pen and paper recommended for note-taking and/or writing down resources.

Contact Jeannette, or 415-981-1960 with questions or comments.

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