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Inclusive Puberty & Sex Ed Workshop • 6pm-8pm

08/09/2018 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM PT


Our Family Coalition
1385 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States
Room Number: Suite 340


The California Healthy Youth Act ensures that puberty and sexuality education in California public schools are LGBTQ inclusive. Join us for a discussion-based workshop for LGBTQ parents where we will talk about what schools are required by law to cover in grade-level sex ed, share tools for parents to advocate for inclusive puberty/sex ed, and discuss age-appropriate ways parents can support their child's understanding of these topics at home. 


Our office is within walking distance of Civic Center BART station and Van Ness Muni station. Free parking is available in Our Family Coalition's gated lot at the corner of 10th and Mission after 5:00pm; please call 415-981-1960 for access when you arrive. To enter the first floor lobby at 1385 Mission St, press #340 on the intercom to be buzzed inside, then proceed to Suite 340 on the third floor, accessible by elevator and stairs.


Dinner and child care are provided FREE with advance registration at least 24 hours in advance. Please register all family members who plan to attend, including any dietary restrictions as well as ages of children, so staff can make arrangements. For more inforamtion, please contact SF Programs Coordinator, Jeannette Page at or 415-981-1960 x309.





We strive to make our programs accessible to all families. Please register for accommodations that would help your family participate to the fullest (e.g. language interpretation, translated materials, childcare providers experienced with kids with disabilities, large print materials, allergen-free food options, etc.). If registering within 48 hours of the event, please call 415-981-1960 to ensure receipt of your request. 


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