Our Family Coalition

Inaugural LGBTQ Inclusive Preschool & Kindergarten Workshop

10/11/2019 04:00 PM - 07:00 PM PT



Our Family Coalition (OFC) is doing things a little different this year!

For seven consecutive years, OFC has held its  annual LGBTQ inclusive school fair for independent and public preschools and kindergartens.

In the spirit of the fair and in our commitment to supporting schools striving to create inclusive and respectful learning environments, we will be holding the inaugural LGBTQ Inclusive Preschool and Kindergarten Workshop!


Admission fee [$50] covers up to three participants per school. Participation is not limited to educators. You may select administrators, parents, paraprofessionals, and other school liaisons to participate -- whomever you feel would have the most impact in creating a more welcoming and inclusive school environment!



OFC will offer an interactive (3) hour workshop for educators to explore such topics as:

+ Family diversity & supporting LGBTQ Families

+ Gender inclusivity in the classroom & school community

+ State-level work around inclusive curricula

+ Inclusive education beyond the classroom


We will hold the LGBTQ Inclusive Preschool and Kindergarten Fair every other year and run an inclusive schools workshop in the off years.

Participating schools will be given priority registration for OFC’s 8th annual LGBTQ Inclusive Preschool & Kindergarten Fair tentatively scheduled for Summer 2020.